“While fantasy superheroes save worlds in the movies, American patriots were real people who took extraordinary actions which resulted in a new country. This chronological three book series details brief biographies of American Revolution patriots—based on primary sources. Each volume is indexed. Bios read like stories and are full of patriot life facts with correlations to American Revolution events. The series is recommended for middle school and high school libraries for support of American history curriculum and History Day activities. Others who will find this series worthwhile are historical storytellers, amateur historians, genealogy buffs, and public libraries.”

— Marilyn Odle, M.Ed., M.L.S., School Librarian 30+ years

“From Mr. Mironuck’s research, using sources from that period, he gives the reader fascinating personal histories of many of the patriots, along with stories of their challenges and courage. Instead of just facts and dates, I read exciting stories about real people, stories that make history come alive, stories I will never forget. Irreconcilable Differences is a “must read”.”

— Judith Learmann, MA, Former chair Language Arts, Waynesville High School, Adjunct English instructor, Drury College

“Would that I had become an avid reader of American history earlier in life. Mironuck’s Irreconcilable Differences has stimulated my appetite for discovering more about our Founding Fathers.”

— Virgie Cole-Mahan, Ed.D.

“I love the concept of the book and how it focuses on individual Founders and their backgrounds. I especially like the fact that they are not all well known, but still have fascinating stories. Israel Putnam’s story was particularly interesting (that guy was really lucky!). The writer has a nice voice and makes the reading enjoyable without “dumbing it down” or becoming too academic. I think the book could be used in an Advanced Placement course.”

— Timothy Thieke, High School AP History Teacher

“As I’ve traveled the nations of the world, I’ve noticed that the political history within each country is slanted in favor of the country in which it was written. It has been said that written history always favors the victorious nation. While this is true to a degree, I was extremely impressed with the non-biased research in the book, Irreconcilable Differences by Leslie Mironuck. When I received the preliminary manuscript, my intention was to scan through the pages and get a general idea of the content. However, as I began to read, I could not put the manuscript down. It was so insightful and well-written that I sat at length marveling at the magnitude of this work. It revealed details not found in most current historical writings. The quality of Irreconcilable Differences, along with the character and integrity of the author, puts this book in the category of books that should be in every home and library. I want to give my congratulations to the author for this exceptionally excellent work and I look forward to reading his future works in this American Patriot Series, Liberty or Death and Dawn of a Nation.

— Dr. Larry Ollison, International Speaker, Osage Beach, Missouri