Leslie G. Mironuck

Leslie Mironuck’s life journey has given him a unique perspective on America. He lived in Canada until 1986, viewing the United States from afar. However, he often visited his relatives who had settled in Missouri during the mid-1800s. After immigrating to the USA, he made St. Louis his home. He has since reconciled his various perspectives of America — as a foreigner, as a frequent visitor, and finally as a permanent resident. His reconciliation process included a self-guided study of American history. By birth, Mironuck has both US and Canadian citizenship.

Spending his formative years in Canada, Mironuck has always had a soft spot in his heart for Great Britain. That, coupled with his strong American roots, has enabled him to paint a neutral, un-biased image of the historical events that motivated, shaped, and impacted the lives of the Founding Fathers. When his unique perspective is combined with his study of original sourced material, the result is a valuable series for students, educators, and history buffs.